General information



Wellcome cycle tickets: from 3rd to 11th May

Whole season tickets: from 13th to 18th May

Whole cycle tickets: from 20th to 31th May

Telephone sales: 902 106 601


On sale from 7th June

  • Box Office in the Mercado del Este: 942 223 434
  • Box office in the Palacio de Festivales / Calle Gamazo
  • Liberbank:

Telephone sales: 902 106 601

  • El Corte Inglés

In El Corte Inglés stores with box office facilities

Performances held in the PALACIO DE FESTIVALES

From 7th June to 7th July all sales have a 5% discount on all ticket rates purchased for performances held in the PALACIO DE FESTIVALES AT ALL POINTS OF SALE.

This discount cannot be added to other discounts.

Performances held in HERITAGE SITES

From 7th June until the day before each performance, tickets may be purchased through INTERNET and in BOX OFFICES.

• On day of performance: Tickets can be purchased at the concert venue as long as seats are available.

• Ticket rates: All tickets are sold at the flat rate of 6 € except at those venues with free entrance. Seats are limited.


Facilities for the Disabled

Those using wheelchairs have free access to concerts. Those accompanying them may obtain tickets in the BOX OFFICE for the area reserved (space limited) for them at the price of 20€ for the performances held in the Sala Argenta.

Young people

Young people up to the age of 30, showing documentary evidence, may buy tickets in the BOX OFFICES (one ticket only per person) for each performance in the Palacio de Festivales in Zone D2, with a 25% discount, as long as seats are available.

On the day of the performance

In the last 60 minutes before the performance starts, in the Sala Argenta Box Office (Avda. Reina Victoria) for those concerts performed in the Sala Argenta.

Ticket collection

In order to collect tickets you must follow the instructions given at the Box Office or sales point you have chosen to acquire your tickets at.

. All tickets purchased may only be collected at any of El Corte Inglés stores which have box office availability or can be printed at home by the purchaser.

. Those purchased at other sales points may be collected at the Festival box offices or in the last 60 minutes before the performance starts at the concert venue box office. In all cases you must show the credit card used for purchase as well as Identity Card/Passport or documentary proof of the card holder.


• All concert programmes and artists may be subject to alteration at last minute. The price of the ticket will not be returned once purchased except in the case of concert cancellation. In the case of season tickets, the proportional rate corresponding to the concert cancelled will be returned to the holder.
• Once the performance has begun access will not be allowed to the hall or site with the exception of breaks or intervals.
• Doors will open at all venues 30 minutes before the concert begins.
• We ask for maximum punctuality so as to maintain due respect for the audience and the players.
• Cameras with or without flash, video cams and all means of audio recording are forbidden except when express permission is granted.
• Consumption of food and drink inside the hall is strictly forbidden for hygiene reasons.
• Members of the audience are asked to turn off alarms and ringing tones from all electronic equipment such as watches or cell phones.
• Members of the audience who have purchased their tickets at a discount must show their tickets together with documentary evidence for same on entry into the hall.
• The festival authorities have the right to change the performances advertised for reasons beyond their control, which will be announced through the media.



Palacio de Festivales: C/ Gamazo s/n

Mercado del Este: 942 22 34 34


902 106 601


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